Life of a Tree


Tiniest source of life she was

grown to a big tree filled with moss,

flowers and fruits she cherished

tiny baby plants grew as she wished,

with plenty of water she was encouraged

a beautiful tree with her branches extended,

atlast cut by an old friend

who watered her all around,

with delicious fruits he was overjoyed everyday

for firewood he decided to end it today,

the man atlast set the fruits free

shared it with family of three,

fulfilling the purpose of life the tree died

a sacrifice of satisfaction and pride


Best Friends Forever


Walking to me with your waving hands
looking at me with all that charm

you introduced yourself with that smile,
which went all through the mile;

at first I was shy and polite,
those talks for which my heart felt right;

you were the one I was waiting for,
the happier moments with you were more;

was a lonely one with none to share,
thoughts and unspoken feelings they were;

shattered by the fake ones I trusted,
finding none faithful made me frustrated;

settled to have no friends at all,
with a fake smile I greeted all;

some smiled and ended backbiting,
crying for those,less realising;

my useful days were all lost,
by worthless people who never last;

with affection and trust, I was changed,
broken pieces of my heart,you arranged;

with you, I found me talking a lot,
with others, I found me listening a lot;

the magic we have when we chat forever,
Assured that we were the best friends forever

Blood for blood!


Hey cant you see me
its been a long time,i had felt you;
how could you forget me
when the love for you is in me;
dont you remember the day you vowed
or think of the day, we loved;
you wished i was always there,
to have you in my arms which was always fair;
are the promises made to be broken,
the love made to be unspoken;
my things dont remain at home anymore,
it pains inside when you ignore;
does it need to be alive
to feel my true love;

frustated and vexed you were
when you couldnt tolerate me near;
hit me on my head
the rod you carried had my blood
you didnt feel my pain when i screamed aloud
you could hear nothing as you never loved;

hanging around with a blonde now
taking her to the places we found love;
the same naughty little things made her smile
the recursive efforts with all that style ;
just reminds me the lust you had,
she being the next one you planned;

waiting for the night you would cry,
flying all the way from the sky;
i will dig out your heart when you plead,
you would know the pain when i screamed.

My Beloved One


Every second in my life,
turned precious and safe,
When you made me your wife.
The love and affection i get,
mere reason for the grief i forget;
Shine of you,My Beloved one,
answers why i was born;
the fights we made,
difficult situations we laid;
Helpless as you grieve with pain,
Efforts to heal would be in vain;
Exploiting the freedom you give,
well knowing that you will forgive;
Cruelly tearing your heart,
Speechless the only way you sort;
Weeping deep inside for all my mistakes,
never can heal the pain it makes;
Sincere prayers to you my heart,
Forgiveness is not the plea i have got;
Wonder why i am expressing this?
cause you would happily forget,
your positive heart and sensibility are only treats i get;
For the lovely heart,
For the trust and patience you had,
For the care you showered,
For loving me when i have sinned,
For cherishing me even when i am not worth it;
I owe you everything for making our relationship beautiful,
and a promise to make every moment meaningful.