How far have we evolved?


How far have we evolved?

We do get angry like bears
and crazy like monkeys

does that mean that we are less evolved?

We ape the cultures of the developed
the wrongs and the rights

How is the code of culture determined?

facebooks and twitters have become part of our lives
crafts and books being the last ones chosen

Doesn’t that mean we are running away from nature?

new medicines and new technologies rise
new lifestyles and new diseases are born

Are we dealing with the boom in the right way?

desktop systems receive more care than the loved ones
losing a phone is more painful than losing a friend

Is technology dominating relationships?

Questions rise in my tiny brain
wondering what the world would be for the next gen.


The Perishing Beauty


Walking on the roads
unaware of dangers around

A lovely peacock couple
were in my town

It was a rare scene
of beauty and glory

The peacock moved ahead
and the peahen followed

They moved with might and courage
it seemed like they owned the place

The place had lost its vegetation
only few tiny birds lived

Mobile towers and new buildings stood high
replacing the tall trees they adored

Homeless creatures they were
straying around for food

Finally with no hope
they disappeared into the woods

Making their last visit
to their homeland they owned