Unspoken Love


Craving to see you all this time

Caught your eyes for the first time,

Shivering, when I found you gazing

the very feeling which made me dizzy

Scribbling my diary crazily

marking that precious day, I was so silly

began my lone journey of love

deeply feeling it was true love,

those shirts you wear

small chats you share,

all secretly inscribed in my heart

all I wanted was to give you my heart,

years rolled by, and I saw you again

smile you threw, confidence I gain

telling you my love, I decided then

nervous I was and all frozen,

my words and feelings were unspoken

when I found your heart already taken,

Crying in vain for the hidden love

a dumb child i was, losing my first love

was a terrible mistake with endless pain

decided to never fall in love again


Life of a Tree


Tiniest source of life she was

grown to a big tree filled with moss,

flowers and fruits she cherished

tiny baby plants grew as she wished,

with plenty of water she was encouraged

a beautiful tree with her branches extended,

atlast cut by an old friend

who watered her all around,

with delicious fruits he was overjoyed everyday

for firewood he decided to end it today,

the man atlast set the fruits free

shared it with family of three,

fulfilling the purpose of life the tree died

a sacrifice of satisfaction and pride

Best Friends Forever


Walking to me with your waving hands
looking at me with all that charm

you introduced yourself with that smile,
which went all through the mile;

at first I was shy and polite,
those talks for which my heart felt right;

you were the one I was waiting for,
the happier moments with you were more;

was a lonely one with none to share,
thoughts and unspoken feelings they were;

shattered by the fake ones I trusted,
finding none faithful made me frustrated;

settled to have no friends at all,
with a fake smile I greeted all;

some smiled and ended backbiting,
crying for those,less realising;

my useful days were all lost,
by worthless people who never last;

with affection and trust, I was changed,
broken pieces of my heart,you arranged;

with you, I found me talking a lot,
with others, I found me listening a lot;

the magic we have when we chat forever,
Assured that we were the best friends forever