Blood for blood!


Hey cant you see me
its been a long time,i had felt you;
how could you forget me
when the love for you is in me;
dont you remember the day you vowed
or think of the day, we loved;
you wished i was always there,
to have you in my arms which was always fair;
are the promises made to be broken,
the love made to be unspoken;
my things dont remain at home anymore,
it pains inside when you ignore;
does it need to be alive
to feel my true love;

frustated and vexed you were
when you couldnt tolerate me near;
hit me on my head
the rod you carried had my blood
you didnt feel my pain when i screamed aloud
you could hear nothing as you never loved;

hanging around with a blonde now
taking her to the places we found love;
the same naughty little things made her smile
the recursive efforts with all that style ;
just reminds me the lust you had,
she being the next one you planned;

waiting for the night you would cry,
flying all the way from the sky;
i will dig out your heart when you plead,
you would know the pain when i screamed.


My Beloved One


Every second in my life,
turned precious and safe,
When you made me your wife.
The love and affection i get,
mere reason for the grief i forget;
Shine of you,My Beloved one,
answers why i was born;
the fights we made,
difficult situations we laid;
Helpless as you grieve with pain,
Efforts to heal would be in vain;
Exploiting the freedom you give,
well knowing that you will forgive;
Cruelly tearing your heart,
Speechless the only way you sort;
Weeping deep inside for all my mistakes,
never can heal the pain it makes;
Sincere prayers to you my heart,
Forgiveness is not the plea i have got;
Wonder why i am expressing this?
cause you would happily forget,
your positive heart and sensibility are only treats i get;
For the lovely heart,
For the trust and patience you had,
For the care you showered,
For loving me when i have sinned,
For cherishing me even when i am not worth it;
I owe you everything for making our relationship beautiful,
and a promise to make every moment meaningful.